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    My journey into the craft of hand weaving has been shaped by the years I have lived in London, a city with a unique multicultural social fabric interwoven by a rich textile tradition. It was there where I first immersed myself into modern and traditional upholstery as well as soft tailor-made furnishings at The London Metropolitan University. After several years dedicated to this passion, soon it became clear to me the will to combine upholstery while creating my own textiles. And so, I decided to learn the intricate craft of hand weaving at the Handweavers Studio and Gallery. This creative hub for weavers, spinners, felters, dyers and embroiderers became the place where I fully engaged and experimented in the art of hand weaving.

    Weaving my path into more tranquil lands, some years later I moved to Crete, where I currently reside and work. A place with a great textile tradition where I have kept on learning the Cretan traditional weaving techniques from the hand of a master weaver.
    It is here, in what used to be an old venetian palace, where I spend my days studying, practising and persevering amongst the threads. And it is there where little by little, hand weaving has become a project on its own: Faebrik.

    Faebrik responds to the desire to create designs that express my feelings when observing, touching and breathing the island’s landscapes, its colours and quiet transitions into form. It is here where weaving has become part of my everydayness.

    The result of this dedicated and patient task is a collection of unique pieces which, as the journey requires, are now offered to you.

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