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    IN & OUT White

    This series, IN and OUT, is a simple colour study. How different combinations affect one same colour. With a linear pattern that balances weft and warp, using only white and black, the intensity of the warp changes drastically.
    White softens and makes the colours appear pastel.
    Sold by the pair or individually.


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    • Materials

      50% cotton and cashmere
      Hand dyed warp with madder -pinks-, marigold -yellows, browns, beige- blackberry twigs -green-.
      50% cotton and linen
      The warp of this wall hanging has been hand dyed with natural dyes. These dyes are NOT stains, only permanent pigments have been used

    • Measurements

      51cm x 56cm

    • Shipping

      International – 35€
      Greece – 20€

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