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    Lito 3

    In greek mythology, Lito conquered the heart of Zeus with her great beauty. She became a goddess. Lito, in greek language, means something or someone simple who enjoys living in a easy environment. Lito is a little girl that I met recently. This series is woven using plain weave, the most basic weaving structure.


    • Materials

      This piece’s warp has been dyed by hand with natural dyes once it was chained so it creates an uneven colour. This dyes are NOT stains, only permanent pigments have been used.

      100% Silk.
      Warp dyed with pomegranate skins -yellow-. Weft dyed with madder -pink-.

    • Measurements

      201cm (incl. fringes) x 65cm

    • Care

      Wash by hand in cold or warm water
      Do not twist when draining
      Dry flat, no hanging
      Iron on medium temperature
      Do not use tumble drier

      Bear in mind that when yarns dyed by hand and commercially are mixed in the same piece, once it is washed in the finishing process they shrink in a different way, producing wavy or gathering effects.

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